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About the Owner

My professional experience includes 25 years in education and training, with keen interests in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, fine art and learning styles.

My search has been to find a way to explain mystical experience through logical language. Through a grounded, practical and even scientific approach, I bring left brain language to right brain experiences (such as mystical experience).

About This Site

I believe women all over the world are awakening to a new era of Earth’s evolution. Do you feel this shift? Are you being called to share your gift?

I believe women are awakening at a rapid rate in order to lead us into the new era of Earth's evolution.

  • Are you feeling the intensity as the Earth (and humanity) are transforming and growing?
  • Could you use some tools, guidance and support to manage the intensity you are experiencing?
  • Can you imagine arriving at the end of 2018 completely equipped to take yourself and be of service to your tribe as we progress into the next evolution of Earth?

Daughters of Earth™ Level One

Be Inspired, Learn, Create Community  - this membership includes:

~ The famed Frontier Inside eCourse (value $197!) with Guide to the Frontier Inside, Licia Berry

~ The Daughters of Earth™ Video Series, interviews by Licia Berry with featured Daughters of Earth™ Member Experts!

24 hour-long episodes of timely Medicine from engaging featured Member Experts, in areas pertinent to our awakening, including: 

Ancestral Medicine, Arts as Medicine, Earth Practices, Plant Spirit Medicine, Crystal and Stone Medicine, Vitamin and Mineral Medicine, Microbial Medicine, Whole Brain Practices, Element Medicine, Body-Movement as Medicine, Body Care, Light Medicine, Water Medicine, Land Medicine, Root Medicine, Feminine/Masculine Medicine, Relations with Unseen Helpers Medicine, Sovereignty Medicine, Shamanism, Energetic Practice, Shungite Medicine, and More!

~ Podcast Library of episodes and interviews by Licia Berry with pioneers of consciousness, medicine, business, and more!

~ Daughters Of Earth ™ Facebook Group for 24/7 real-time interaction, sisterhood, and global community!


Lesson 1:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 1


Lesson 2:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 2


Lesson 3:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 3


Lesson 4:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 4


Lesson 5:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 5


Lesson 6:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 6


Lesson 7:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 7


Lesson 8:

The Frontier Inside eCourse Lesson 8

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